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April 2014

Cash-Based Model Provides Solution for Uninsured Patients

Posted on Apr 23, 2014

While the direct primary care model is not new, it has become a recent solution for Texas’ high rate of residents who don’t have the proper healthcare coverage. This fee-for-service medical model serves to be an easy solution for doctors who wish to remove the red tape that is associated with filing insurance claims.

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The Medical Gender Gap

Posted on Apr 23, 2014

Recent findings in the Medical Industry illustrate a massive gap between the male and female gendered physicians. Gender inequality is apparent through the amount that each gender collects from Medicare reimbursements. The larger amount that males get to collect from Medicare allow for male doctors to provide more services and with a better quality than their female colleagues.

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Physician Staffing Shortages: A Look At Locum Tenens In The Hospital Setting

Posted on Apr 14, 2014

With the physician shortages and staffing shortages in hospitals and medical practices, permanent solutions are necessary to the continuation of care. Our COO Chris Wang talks about the importance of locum tenens as a continuing service provider to hospitals and medical practices. While locum tenens provide temporary services, they prove to be a permanent solution to the shortage of hospitalists and their services in the US.

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Provisions In The Affordable Care Act Could Leave Doctors Unpaid

Posted on Apr 02, 2014

As the Affordable Care Act grants an unusual 90-day grace period for government-subsidized health plans, doctors groups fear their members won’t get paid. This new provision urges physicians to check patients’ insurance status before every visit to ensure proper compensation for provided healthcare, especially long-term and ongoing treatments.

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