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Thinking of Trying Locum Tenens? Recruiters Look for These 5 Qualities

Posted on Jan 31, 2018

In healthcare, building relationships is a key component of successfully providing care. And just like it is essential for providers to build relationships with their patients, it is crucial for recruiters to build relationships with their locum tenens providers. Strong …

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Searching for the best jobs in the U.S.? Look to healthcare

Posted on Nov 29, 2017

Healthcare industry jobs—with their high pay and low unemployment rates—are among the best in the country, according to a new report that ranks careers. U.S. News & World Report released its annual list of the best jobs in the country this week, and …

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Physician Staffing Shortages: A Look At Locum Tenens In The Hospital Setting

Posted on Apr 14, 2014

With the physician shortages and staffing shortages in hospitals and medical practices, permanent solutions are necessary to the continuation of care. Our COO Chris Wang talks about the importance of locum tenens as a continuing service provider to hospitals and medical practices. While locum tenens provide temporary services, they prove to be a permanent solution to the shortage of hospitalists and their services in the US.

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What Are Locum Tenens?

Posted on Aug 24, 2011

Locum Tenens are a critical way that hospitals, outpatient clinics and other healthcare facilities fill temporary staffing gaps. By working with a Locum Tenens agency or recruiting firm, a physician or CRNA can be matched to Locum Tenens jobs that meet their needs.

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